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  Brass/Bronze/Stainless Steel plaques
Please send us your text requirements for a quote. Before buying here are some points to consider. Brass has a very warm feel to it but needs to be cared for! ie polished regularly to keep it looking bright. The letters are deeply engraved and then filled with a coloured paint (usually black) to give maximum contrast. Bronze is left to tarnish and turns to a dark browny green colour. The letters are usually filled with a cream coloured paint to give a good contrast. Bronze requires little maintenance as does stainless but steel can look a little cold . It all depends on the application. On a new modern building perhaps stainless steel would be the obvious better choice whereas a bronze or brass plate more suitable for an older building for example or a memorial plaque. Prices start from 30 plus shipping and vat for a 4 x 2 (10cms x 5cms) plaque including engraving. The plaques come pre-drilled with 4 corner holes and are supplied with fixing screws unless otherwise instructed. Please contact us with your plaque size and text requirements for a quote.


Brass Plate Example


Bronze Plate Example


Stainless Steel Plate Example


Anodised Aluminium Examples

  Trophy engraving charges
We use modern computerized engraving machinery including laser engraving machines to give high quality precise and accurate engraving. Quality engraving makes your trophy or award more personal and much more meaningful.
Please see some examples below.


Please remove all the rest of the pricing etc as it appears within the buying process and does not need to be repeated here.

I have included some pictures of the engraving and an explanation of single line and multi-line engraving.


Laser engraved plastic internal and external signs and labels made to order


Explanation of extra engraving charges;

On some awards particularly the bigger ones and perpetual (annual) shields/cups etc a single line style of engraving is not recommended. In order to give the trophy the right look a multi line style is used as this gives the engraving more body. Because the diamond engraver has to mark each line the process takes much longer hence the modest extra charge for multi lined fonts.



  Printed back for Medals

  Printed metal fronted plaques
We offer a range of rectangular wooden plaques with printed aluminium plates which can be designed to your own liking. Full colour printing available on these plaques we can incorporate logos, photographs and any text requirements you may have. Metal colours available: Gold, Silver, Copper and White. Please enquire via the contact page.


Sizes and prices are listed below.


12 x 9 30cms x 22.5cms 39.95
10 x 8 25cms x 20cms 29.95
9 x 7 22.5cms x 17.5cms 24.95
8 x 6 20cms x 15cms 19.95
7 x 5 17.5cms x 12.5cms 11.95
6 x 4 15cms x 10cms 8.95
5 x 3 12.5cms x 7.5cms 6.95
4 x 3 10cms x 7.5cms 5.95


Please send us your artwork or photos via email or by post (if you send by post for us to scan your items will be returned to you undamaged). If your artwork is not suitable and it requires editing or improving we will advise you before commencing any work. A one-off payment of 20 will be charged if we need to carry out any work on artwork. Your artwork will be kept on file for future use in all cases.